When The Architecture Kicks Ass

(Everyone’s Is Saved)


Automatically sync high volumes of data in the background without compromising on app performance and your productivity


Seamlessly integrate your existing data platforms with Turbo without any new configurations or installations on either platform


Experience greater agility, resilience and portability across cloud environments with Turbo’s ability to support faster deliveries, micro-upgrades and on-demand scaling of resources


Provide a ultra-specific engagement experience to your customers using Turbo’s high-configurability & extensibility capabilities, made possible by our metadata-centric approach


Benefit from high-speed apps built using native mobile operating systems and leverage the full potential of your mobile device


Run your operations from any cloud of your choice as Turbo can be hosted on any of the popular infrastructure clouds, or on its own cloud


Continue to login using your existing credentials as Turbo fully supports SSO & OAuth authentication standards


Be infrastructure-efficient and save money with Turbo’s highly secure load-based elastic approach to resource sharing & allocation approach


Make backward-compatibility woes a thing of the past with Turbo’s built-in version tolerance mechanisms


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