Medical Device Industry

The fastest way to create medical device apps for the field

The medical industry is among the most regulated industries in the world.

Companies that perform service, repair and inspections are increasingly searching for better ways to track critical records needed for regulatory compliance, while also improving service delivery, operational performance and customer satisfaction.

With the popularity of on-demand services transforming consumer apps, customer expectations are changing for the medical device industry as well. Companies need a way to quickly transform their processes to maintain their competitive edge and keep customers happy.

Turbo Systems is a no-code platform that easily connects to any existing system (like Salesforce) to create and roll-out medical device apps with a snap. Companies can update workflows as processes evolve to exceed customer expectations.
Agile & Fast

Agile & Fast

Intuitive drag and drop designers allow savvy business users and IT to quickly create sophisticated business apps in a matter of hours, no programing experience needed.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Make your business processes more efficient while motivating your workforce with sleek UI apps.

Always Offline

Always Offline

Medical device equipment is often located in areas with little-to-no internet connectivity. All applications built with Turbo Systems work 100% offline.

Increase Efficiencies with
Medical Device Solutions

Turbo’s easy to use, easy to deploy solutions help medical equipment manufacturers and distributors optimize service resources in the field and in the office. Check out our solution library for medical device solutions and field service apps like:


RMA Management

Spin up an RMA process without leaving your head spinning. Manage Return Material Authorizations by importing this solution to Turbo Studio and get started right away.


Work Order Management

Manage field execution for service engineers. Capture details including labor, parts, root cause, travel time, videos, and photos. Offline supported via iPad.


Parts Order Management

Import this parts order management solution and quickly get started managing procurement orders. This app provides the building blocks to create, update, and view parts order.


Job List

Tracking your list of jobs is easy with this solution. The starter library pack provides the capabilities to create, update and view a list of jobs.


PPE Safety Checklist

Keep your organization safe with an instant Personal Protection Equipment safety checklist. Quickly update checklists ensuring compliance with latest standards.


Asset List

Managing assets has never been so easy. This solution provides create, update and viewing capabilities within a list of assets.

Stay Compliant

Tasks, checklists, data collection, and reporting gives confidence to never fail an audit.

Ensure that all service workflows are complete and documented with dynamic checklists.

Customize checklists and other applications for specific medical device assets, customers, by territory region, or any requirement necessary.
Building your own applications on Turbo Systems, or downloading an existing template from the solution library, gives control over your data and processes, as well as traceability of work performed. A solution built using Turbo Systems helps in addressing Title 21 CFR Part 11, by providing the ability to generate electronic records and signatures, controlling the use of computer systems, lot and serial number traceability, audit trails, archiving, and security.

Download our Medical Device Datasheet

Medical Device Connectivity

Go from Reactive to Predictive Service. Not only can medical device companies connect their apps to a CRM or ERP, but they can connect to their equipment as well.

When medical devices are fitted with IoT sensors, field service engineers can receive constant and real-time status reports from all equipment they are responsible for.

Alerts can be set for when devices fall outside of acceptable parameters, and engineers can be automatically dispatched to address the issue – all before medical practitioners even become aware of a problem. Turbo makes IoT data actionable by easily providing machine data that matters.